“I appreciate the personal contact and effort to anticipate concerns that investors might have.”

R. Harmon & J. Walker

“I have confidence that the deals that are offered have been researched appropriately before they are presented to their clients. I like the somewhat conservative approach to investing and am glad that Capstone does not think that every deal is investment worthy.”

J. Bottalico

“It’s only been about 8 months but so far everything is going smoothly. I’ve dealt with another company that also does investing and I can say without a doubt, that Capstone’s communication is better and payments are more on time.”

B. Tucker

B. Tucker

“Several years experience with this Christian group of business people. We feel so secure with them we have recommended them to our adult daughter who is also now an investor.”

B & D Williams

“I’m all about Communication. I live out in California and I appreciate the communication.”

P. Bottalico

“What you see is what you get – straightforward and seamless. Like anything, there’s always room for improvement, but so far so good.”

A. Wong

“Clarity in your due diligence.”

J. Gaut

“Professionalism, integrity, high-quality deals and a great ROI – who could ask for more.?”

S. Williams

“Ray & Team…Been with you for many, many years…I am loyal to you because of your honesty & integrity. Hard to find people where their word means something today and a handshake is as strong as any written contract.”

J. Downes

- Investor since 2006

“Thank you to everyone who kept us up to date on the project and the lending process as it proceeded…everyone exceeded my expectations and I plan to do more business in the future because of their commitment”

R. Cooper

- Investor since 2014

“Capstone’s creativity and “get it done attitude” is helping me make it happen. Owner of six rentals and continuing to build…Capstone provides the personal service and creative deals you will find nowhere else”

Cal B

- Landlord/Investor- Houston, TX

“As a referring partner, even when the tail end of the deal made it difficult to pay a broker, Capstone protected my commission…If a deal doesn’t fit inside a bank’s box, Capstone will make it happen”

Thomas B

- Commercial Broker- Austin TX

“Our partnership has flourished into a friendship and because of their excellent business practices and vision; they are allowing us to fulfill our dreams as a community based non-profit organization. They are professional, strong in ethics and integrity; they have a caring response to client relationships”


- Pastor- Faith Builders Worship Center

“We use our bank for most projects, and Capstone for the ones that miss the mark with our bank. Capstone allows us to get better leverage on deals that have strong finshed values and their loans let me keep more of my cash to run my business.They also get the deal funded in half the time a traditional bank takes”

Terry F

- Landlord/Builder- Houston, TX

“Employees are knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with”

C. Baker

- Investor since 2008

“Always Responsive, Always Candid Answers, Great Returns”

C. Cioffari

- Investor since 2006