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The Capstone Fund
Better Liquidity | Diversified Portfolio | 8-10% ROI

Come join our growing investor network and earn great returns along with great diversification with the Capstone Fund. The Capstone Fund provides our investors with the opportunity to increase uninterrupted returns while decreasing exposure through sharing risks and diversifying their investment on First Liens. This type of investment vehicle is equivalent to a mutual fund where investors share returns and risks on a pro rata basis in a portfolio, or a baskets of assets. Capstone Investors will deposit money in a fund and receive shares in the fund as their collateral. With these funds, Capstone Fund, LLC will originate performing first liens as income producing assets, while using its time-tested conservative model of originating and funding loans to produce revenue to the share holders.

Targeted Returns

As interest is earned from the monthly mortgage payments, the fund generates income. This income is paid out to the investors (after the net of servicing and management fees) with a targeted return of 8%-10% annually. These Investor yields earned in the fund are very similar to those obtained through fractional loan investment. The primary difference lies in diversification. Risk is spread across a portfolio of loans, not centered on a single loan as with fractionalized loans. Risk is also spread across the entire pool of borrowers, and different types of properties, in different locations giving our investors greater diversification than fractionalized investing. As the old adage says, Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket… Capstone puts your eggs in many baskets.

Better Diversification

Not only does the fund stay conservative with primarily 70% loan to values or lower, it also offer’s great diversification. For example, if the fund has 25 first-lien properties in its portfolio and an investor invests $100,000 cash. That $100,000 is technically spread out over the 25 properties. Like a mutual fund holding different equities, investors in a mortgage fund are protected by a similar risk diversification.  If any one or more of the loans ceases to perform, the effect on the yield will be minor. For instance, if the average loan in the portfolio is less than 0.20% of the total loan volume; the result is still a steady stream of income, delivered within a predictable timeframe. Invest now. 

Better Liquidity & Yield Capture

Another advantage to investing in mortgage funds is liquidity. Mortgage funds, generally offer rapid and sometimes, immediate repayment of principal. This is possible because

a) Established Funds usually have reserve accounts in place for this purpose;

b) Funds are generally oversubscribed, with more investors wanting into the fund than those wanting out. The Fund also participates and enjoys a 365-day investment as they aren’t sidelined lying dormant between loan opportunities and there is less hassle and paperwork as a result.

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Capstone Fund Summary

Our team has successfully originated & serviced over 100M in private lending transactions. We have a growing network of satisfied investors along with a proven track record of managing first lien debt portfolios. We strive for excellence and most importantly strong communication & transparency to our clients. We are local to Austin and we encourage face-to-face visits so that we can build a relationship with our clients. 

Benefits of investing in the Capstone Fund:

a). Increased Diversification

b). Targeted Annual Returns of 8-10%

c). Monthly Distributions

d). Stronger Liquidity

e). 365 day investment with no downtime

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You can call us direct at 512-257-1330 or give us your info below.

Our Investment Packet outlines our team structure & process, properties that we have funded, how we underwrite the loans, and testimonials from other investors.

“Thank you to everyone who kept us up to date on the project and the lending process as it proceeded…everyone exceeded my expectations and I plan to do more business in the future because of their commitment”.

– R. Cooper – Investor since 2014

“Capstone’s creativity and “get it done attitude” is helping me make it happen. Owner of six rentals and continuing to build…Capstone provides the personal service and creative deals you will find nowhere else”.

Cal B

– Landlord/Investor- Houston, TX

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You can call us direct at 512-257-1330 or give us your info below.

Our Investment Packet outlines our team structure & process, properties that we have funded, how we underwrite the loans, and testimonials from other investors.

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BORROWERS: Capstone Capital Partners, LLC (Capstone) is a private lender in Texas; however, Capstone is not a Texas Licensed Mortgage Broker. Per the Texas SAFE act, loans made to purchase and rehab properties with the intent to resell and loans to acquire rental properties are for business purposes, not personal, family or household use, and are not subject to licensure under the Texas SAFE Act. Capstone does NOT lend on Homestead loans and only funds investment loans in Texas.

INVESTORS: For Accredited Investors only. Our private lenders are earning an average of 8-10% annual return on 1st liens (Trust Deed Investments) in Texas. Capstone Capital Partners, LLC (Capstone) does not guarantee these annual returns and past performance does not always guarantee future success. This advertisement is not an offer to sell or a solicitation for an investment into Capstone Capital Partners, LLC (Capstone). Capstone has not registered these notes as securities and does not intend to in the future. Capstone is relying upon the exemptions provided for in Section 5.J of the Texas Securities Act and Section 3(a)(11) and Rule 147 of the Securities Act of 1933 as well as other exemptions not specifically described in this disclaimer. More Information