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Who is Capstone?

The Capstone team has developed a unique and innovative business model for private lending that makes it a smooth and transparent process for both our borrowers and lenders.

Our relational approach makes both the lending and borrowing side an enjoyable experience. Get started today and find out why our customers send their friends and keep coming back.

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Earn passive annual returns of 8-10% fully collateralized by first liens. Investors can hand-select which properties they want to fund. Join our private investor network.



We provide private funding for your real estate deals. Asset based and common sense underwriting. Get pre-approved today!


Our Lending Process is Simple

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the Bank? Banks are not known for taking risks…right? Because of this, banks tend to stay with secured loans, such as mortgage loans or auto loans. Think about it…has your bank ever offered you a loan to purchase stocks, bonds or mutual funds? Yet, they will gladly offer an individual a loan to purchase real estate.

Private lending is an excellent way for a private individual to be the bank, enjoying high returns at a relatively low risk. Watch our 2 minute short presentation to learn how simple our lending process is.

Are you interested in investing?

Our Investment Packet outlines properties that we have funded, how we underwrite the loans, including the overall process and testimonials from other investors. You can listen to a recording that gives you more information about our investing program at 800 219-8762 or you can call us direct at 512-553-2122

Recently Funded Projects

515 Carleton Ct
San Antonio, TX 78212

This Single Family Home was funded by Capstone and has been fully renovated including New Floors, all New Cabinets, Granite, Tile, Appliance, etc.

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6100 Cary Dr,
Austin, TX 78757

This gorgeous single family home is fully funded by Capstone and remodeled from the floor to the roof. All new dry wall, flooring, electrical, plumbing, HVAC (including all duct works), roof, windows, cabinets, doors, appliances, fixtures, countertops, fence, exterior paint, and decks. Beautiful details include high-end tiles and light fixtures. Interior designed by an HGTV-featured Designer.

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2203 E 51st St #B,
Austin, TX 78723

This Single Family Condo Style Home was funded by Capstone and Sige& Honey’s owner and award winning designer, Patrice Nichole Rios, is proud to present a unique home, making exceptional use of a shipping container as part of the design and living space near Mueller.

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See what our clients are saying about Us.

“Ray & Team…Been with you for many, many years…I am loyal to you because of your honesty & integrity. Hard to find people where their word means something today and a handshake is as strong as any written contract.”

J. Downes

- Investor since 2006

“I have confidence that the deals that are offered have been researched appropriately before they are presented to their clients. I like the somewhat conservative approach to investing and am glad that Capstone does not think that every deal is investment worthy.”

J. Bottalico

“Thank you to everyone who kept us up to date on the project and the lending process as it proceeded…everyone exceeded my expectations and I plan to do more business in the future because of their commitment”

R. Cooper

- Investor since 2014

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